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5 Unique Themed Party Ideas

Here are 5 theme party ideas that will make everyone want to be on your guest list.

1. Pink flamingo delights

Bring the tropics to your yard with flowers and pineapples. This party needs a lot of pastel colours that blend with the pink flamingos.

2. Luau time

Make a beautiful umbrella wreath to welcome friends to an island inspired party. Blow-up coconut trees and set a tiki hut to hand out the lei or garlands to all the party goers.

3. Jungle Party

Animal prints and lots of greenery will make your guests feel like they are on a safari. Cool signs like “don’t feed the animals” or “beware,” and explorer hats just make this jungle adventure feel real.

4. Watermelon party

Watermelons are synonymous with hot summers. Make a watermelon theme party by serving everything involving this sweet fruit. Watermelon juice, slices, and ball bites will be devoured by your guests. You can also serve watermelon flavoured candies.

5. Circus galore

No need to have real-life animals for this circus to work. Candy apples, and popcorn will bring back childhood memories. You can never have too many balloons or banners for such an event either.


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